Xaar introduces aqueous inkjet printhead, aiming to drive sustainability

UK – Inkjet technology manufacturer Xaar has launched its new printhead, the Xaar Aquinox, which aims to improve print quality, nozzle open time and energy-efficient operation for aqueous inkjet printing.

The company states Aquinox is part of Xaar’s ImagineX platform, and its aQ Power Technology provides a new approach to how water-based fluids are jetted reliably, delivering a truly transformational industrial printhead.

Xaar’s aQ Power is a combination of technologies designed to optimize the Aquinox’s lifespan and robustness when handling aqueous fluids.

These include a redesigned internal architecture, new water-compatible materials capable of coping with an extended working range of pH levels, and a new drive system enabling optimum drop ejection.

This, together with Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation, ensures the Aquinox delivers increased nozzle open time compared to typical aqueous printheads.

Water-based inkjet printing has never been more effective or versatile thanks to the Xaar Aquinox’s unique technologies, exceptional print speeds and compatibility with multiple aqueous fluid types.

Speeds of over 100m/min can be achieved, and a high native resolution of 720dpi and firing frequency of up to 48kHz, enable high fluid laydown, with maximum productivity.

With Xaar’s High Laydown Technology the drop size capability is extended, making the Aquinox ideal for printing textiles, highly absorbent substrates, or thick film coatings.

leveraging Xaar’s Ultra High Viscosity Technology, the Aquinox is capable of jetting fluid viscosities of up to 100cP.

By enabling a wider color gamut and fluids with larger particles and more pigment for higher opacity, colors are more vibrant and whites and blacks stronger ensuring the Xaar Aquinox can bring the latest imaginative designs and finishes to life.

John Mills, CEO of Xaar, noted: “The introduction of the Xaar Aquinox, powered by our ImagineX platform, is our most significant product launch in recent years.

“The Aquinox demonstrates our commitment to driving the future of inkjet into new and ever more sustainable applications, and we are proud of this revolutionary transformation in aqueous inkjet printing.”

Supported by the Hydra ink supply system, with its “plug and print” capability and intuitive user interface, each Xaar Aquinox printhead is easily integrated into new print machines.

The Aquinox comes with development kit that gives OEMs everything they need to get up and running. This includes the ink supply system and printhead drive electronics.

Mills concludes: “The Aquinox seamlessly combines all Xaar’s proven technologies and innovations into a truly transformational and dependable aqueous printhead, providing a real step change in reliable aqueous inkjet printing.

“From textiles to ceramics and packaging, we see the Xaar Aquinox breaking new ground, enabling new water-based print applications, many of which were previously not possible with inkjet.

“The Xaar Aquinox will revolutionize aqueous printing, helping to deliver a world where you can truly print anything you imagine.”

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