ProAmpac introduces high-barrier paper-based packaging for dry food

USA – American flexible packaging company ProAmpac has introduced its curbside recyclable ProActive Recyclable RP-1000 High Barrier (HB) paper-based technology made for food packaging applications.

The RP-1000HB extends the existing ProActive Recyclable RP-1000 series, offering oxygen, moisture barrier and grease resistance. The packaging is suited for dry food products such as dehydrated fruit, confectionery and flavored oatmeal.

Nathan Klettlinger, global marketing director at ProAmpac said: “RP-1000HB is a pre-qualified curbside recyclable paper solution that seamlessly integrates with existing equipment, simplifying the transition process and minimizing costs compared to less efficient [environmentally] sustainable alternatives.

“RP-1000HB is another solution that enables brands to effectively achieve their sustainability objectives.”

As a sustainable alternative to traditional multi-material laminates, RP-1000HB is available in versatile formats, including rollstock and pre-made three-sided seal pouches.

Crafted from bleached paper for excellent graphical reproduction, RP-1000HB is widely recyclable in curbside paper streams.

Amir Saffar, director of global sustainability innovation for ProAmpac added: “In rigorous tests simulating up to 85% relative humidity conditions, RP-1000HB preserves its barrier properties, assuring the longevity of products susceptible to spoilage due to environmental moisture.

“Unlike conventional paper solutions that offer inadequate grease resistance and subsequent packaging vulnerabilities, RP-1000HB delivers superior grease resistance with excellent seal performance on horizontal and vertical form/fill/sealing lines.

“Its unique characteristics pave the way for integrating recyclable fiber-based packaging into numerous applications.”

ProAmpac’s mission to generate more ecological packaging solutions – ProActive Sustainability – provides flexible packaging products to help its customers achieve their environmental sustainability goals. The company has a mission to offer a sustainable alternative for all of its products by 2025.

The flexible packaging manufacturer will showcase its ProActive Recyclable film and paper solutions portfolio at Pack Expo 2023 from September 11-13 in Las Vegas, US.

Annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact report

Meanwhile, ProAmpac has launched its second annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact report, Leading From the Front.

ProAmpac’s 2023 ESG Impact Report highlights its goal of making available a sustainable packaging attribute for 100% of its products.

The report highlights that ProAmpac has met its goal of making available a sustainable packaging attribute for 100% of its products.

In addition, they continue to fund and advance material science in conjunction with their network of global university partnerships, aiding in the delivery and development of important technology advancements.

Greg Tucker, Founder & CEO of ProAmpac said: “ProAmpac’s commitment to developing new and innovative products, our focus on sustainability, and our investments in our manufacturing and employees are successful strategies that we continue to build.

“This focus has allowed us to meet our ESG goal of making available a sustainable attribute for 100% of our products.”

Offering sustainable packaging solutions that support the circular economy is part of ProAmpac’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Their next objective is to expand their sustainable portfolio and accelerate the commercialization and adoption of these innovative products to help companies worldwide meet their sustainable packaging goals.

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