Mondi develops TankerBox solution for Aromsa’s flavourful products

TURKEY – UK-based sustainable packaging company Mondi has developed a sustainable shipping solution, TankerBox for Turkish flavor company Aromsa.

Made from corrugated cardboard, the sustainable TankerBox is being developed as an alternative to the traditional Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) and metal barrel.

It is said to have a patented design that consists of an outer box, inner octabin, angle frame, bottom star and top cover pieces.

Mondi’s solution offers a smart discharge system that has a pair of alternative design options for discharging either from the top or bottom. It is also designed to minimize residual contents in the product.

Aromsa production manager Nil Okyar said: “We can do all the operations we did with the stainless-steel container with the TankerBox much more comfortably. We have been able to simplify transportation because we now avoid the return event associated with metal containers.

“We can also stock and ship the TankerBox on top of each other, gaining storage space and doubling the shipping capacity.”

The TankerBox’s optimized design generates cost advantages from savings in storage and logistics over its metal drum or IBC equivalents as it does not need chemical cleaning or return as empty cargo, the packaging firm claimed.

The additional benefits include easy handling, integration into filling lines, and printability for brand improvement.

Initially, Aromsa trialed the solution on its production line. The firm agreed to use the solution for commercial use following a month of close collaboration and innovation at its facilities.

TankerBox is said to be suitable for chemical, paint, pharmaceutical, and oil sectors as well as the food business for concentrated drinks, industrial liquid food and additives, alcoholic beverages, milk, and dairy goods.

Mondi heavy-duty sales and business development manager Gozdecan Demir said: “We designed this solution for Aromsa and it worked perfectly because it was based on their needs. It is this level of collaboration which leads to excellence and success.”

Aromsa’s commitment to sustainability, coupled with Mondi’s dedication to customer-centric solutions, exemplifies the power of partnership in driving positive change. Together, they are shaping a more sustainable future for the industry, one flavor-packed shipment at a time.

In May, the sustainable packaging company created new paper bags for use with Holz-Bauer’s wooden pellets, replacing unnecessary plastic.

Mondi’s PelletBags are created from 2-ply Mondi kraft paper which is produced, printed and converted in-house before being sent to Holz-Bauer for filling and closing, using its secure sewing method with a static binder machine.

With PelletBag, Holz-Bauer will replace their existent plastic bag solution, currently an industry standard for wooden pellets.

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