Lidl GB incorporates prevented ocean plastic packaging for its fresh meat products

UK –  The UK branch of supermarket chain Lidl has extended the ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ (POP) initiative to its fresh meat packaging.

From this week, the retailer will introduce trays containing at least 30% POP for its 400g and XXL 667g Deluxe sausages.

POP packaging, supplied and developed in conjunction with Bantam Materials, is made from discarded water bottles found in Southeast Asia within 30 miles of a coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean, Lidl GB says.

This waste is then sorted and processed before being used in packaging. The entire process is fully traceable, with a robust documented chain of accountability.

Through this initiative, Lidl GB expects to prevent an additional 1.7 million water bottles from entering the ocean a year, which is equivalent to more than 40 tonnes of plastic.

The retailer previously became the first UK supermarket to use POP when it began incorporating it into some of its fish packaging in 2020.

It is currently using POP for the majority of its own-brand fresh fish products and some of its discount breaded poultry ranges.

Lidl GB’s head of responsible sourcing and ethical trade, Amali Bunter, said: “As the first UK supermarket to launch packaging using Prevented Ocean Plastic, we are so proud to have now prevented the equivalent of over 15 million plastic water bottles from entering the ocean.

“Of course, our commitment to tackling the detrimental impact of plastic waste doesn’t end there and we’ll continue to work with our suppliers to build on our efforts.”

In July last year, Lidl GB committed to eliminating two billion pieces of plastic from its stores by the end of this year.

The initiative will contribute to the company’s strategy to remove plastic waste and support ongoing global plastic reduction targets.

The target was set after Lidl GB announced it had eliminated more than one billion pieces of plastic from its stores.

The retailer removed more than 24 million plastic trays and punnets from its fruit and vegetable ranges and up to 25 million plastic lids from its dairy and yoghurt ranges.

Lidl GB also announced plans to replace all its single-use plastic bags for fruit and vegetables with a sustainable alternative.

The retailer currently has more than 935 stores and 13 distribution centers across England, Scotland and Wales.

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