Knockout redesigns Bacardi’s Breezer packaging, Rissmann luxury paper bags

UK – London-based design agency Knockout has given Bacardi-owned ready-to-drink (RTD) brand Breezer a ‘revolutionary’ new look.

The independent spirits brand design agency was tasked with creating a renewed global identity for the brand, formerly known as Bacardi Breezer, to recruit ‘the next generation of drinkers’.

The full scope of the project included packaging, point of sale (POS), in-store activation and out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

“Breezer had been enjoying great popularity in markets like India, Scandinavia, South Africa and Canada,” said Dominic Burke, founder and creative director at Knockout.

“The brand saw an opportunity to showcase visual confidence that more powerfully established it as a stand-alone player in the category that it had helped to pioneer.

“This rebrand amplifies that legacy, giving Breezer the iconic assets to demonstrate its authority in the RTD category.”

The redesign introduces a new crown icon to represent the brand’s long-standing heritage, and is accompanied by a splash motif, which the agency says carries a second interpretation of playful refreshment, created to appeal to a ‘modern audience of spontaneous, fun-loving consumers’.

The bold word mark has been updated with a font that is said to be more balanced and contemporary, with rays of sunshine emanating from behind it to evoke a horizon and bring the daytime drinking occasion to life.

Beneath the horizon line and on the neck label are colorful abstract patterns that convey the different flavors of the range, which include Crisp Watermelon, Ripe Mango, Juicy Peach, Lively Blood Orange & Ginger, and Zingy Lime.

“The RTD category has evolved considerably since Breezer first debuted, with increased quality of both product and branding,” added Burke.

“The updated identity gives Breezer a premium touch to meet these new expectations whilst elevating that playful edge that the brand has always possessed.”

James Cropper designs Rissmann’s new luxury paper bags

In another development, papermaker James Cropper has created a carrier bag in association with luxury packaging specialist Rissmann.

The bag is made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper from James Cropper’s Rydal Packaging Collection. The bag incorporates Middle Eastern design cues.

Tricia Hartmann, global packaging lead at James Cropper, said: “Design with sustainability in mind is high on the agenda for brands in every sector, including luxury.

“There has always been a degree of resistance in choosing recycled materials, born from the perception that it means a compromise on quality and beauty. This design demonstrates that is not the case.

Suited to all major print and finishing techniques, the paper range demonstrates superb reproduction of graphic elements, and it embosses and folds beautifully, noted Hartmann.

“Working with Rissman we’ve delivered a true expression of eco-conscious design, that enhances the beauty and quality of the end product.”

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