Ilim Group appoints Alexey Chernyaev as Acting CEO, Yosuke Kawamoto inaugurated as Chairman of ICCA

RUSSIA – Russia’s largest pulp and paper company, Illim Group has appointed Alexey Chernyaev as acting CEO in replacement of Ksenia Sosnina who left the company last month.

Alexey began his career with the Company in 2016. He has over 15 years of work experience in managerial positions in purchasing, production, supply chain and capital project management in industrial companies with world-class manufacturing standards and safety culture in Russia and abroad.

From January 2023, Alexey Chernyaev served as Senior Vice President, Sales, Supply Chain Management and Packaging.

Alexey earned a degree from St. Petersburg State Transport University and is a Ph.D. in Engineering Science.

He replaces Kseniia Sosnina who stepped down from her role as the Company’s CEO due to the expiration of her employment contract.

Zakhar Smushkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his high appreciation of the work done by Kseniia Sosnina in her role.

“Over seven years, the Company led by Kseniia Sosnina has reached the challenging goals set by the Board of Directors. We would like to thank Kseniia and wish her all the best in her future career,” said Smushkin.

Kseniia Sosnina was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Company in June 2016 after her service on the Company’s Board of Directors.

She led large-scale upgrades with a total investment of US$3.8 billion. The overall capacity of Ilim Group’s Mills grew by 17% and product export to China reached record high 2.2 million tonnes per year.

Yosuke Kawamoto inaugurated as Chairman of ICCA

Meanwhile, Rengo Co., Ltd., has announced that the Representative Director, President & COO Yosuke Kawamoto has been inaugurated as Chairman of the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA), an international association in the corrugated packaging industry. His term of office will be for two years, until 2025.

In May 2025, the ICCA Global Summit will be held in Osaka, bringing together ICCA member organizations and companies from various countries.

A visit to the 2025 Japan International Expo (Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan), which will be held then, is planned to share the Expo’s theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives” with ICCA members from around the world so that it will lead to discussions on the corrugated packaging industry and social design of the future.

The International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA) was formed in 1961. Its purpose is to provide member services and activities that can be most effectively conducted by an international organization.

The services support and enhance the work of the association members and contribute to the well-being of the worldwide corrugated packaging industry.

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