Gunze launches eco-friendly heat shrinkable GEOPLAS HCT3 film to scale operations

JAPAN – Japanese plastic films producer Gunze has announced plans to launch an eco-friendly heat-shrinkable film, with recycled resin early next year.

GEOPLAS HCT3 is said to be a mass balance approach-based polystyrene/polyethylene terephthalate multi-layered product that uses 30% of chemically recycled raw materials.

As per the firm, the latest film is the first of a series of recycled heat-shrinkable films that lowers the use of petroleum-derived raw materials and focuses on expanding into global markets. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The latest offering uses the firm’s multilayer-oriented film technology which is used as shrink labels for PET bottled beverages, foods, cosmetics, home & personal care products and other products.

According to the company, the product delivers both polystyrene and polyethylene terephthalate benefits like shrink appearance, perforation suitability, heat resistance, content resistance and stiffness.

Gunze said that the GEOPLAS HCT3 will be initially launched in Japan and then expanded to the US and Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) markets.

The firm has added functions via multilayer technology of a variety of materials and has supported eco-friendly management by minimizing the thickness of hybrid shrink film to achieve comparable shrinkage performance and stiffness.

In addition, Gunze plans to increase the ratio of recycled material in the films to 50% by 2024 and further to 100% by 2030.

It will also support its efforts to achieve a circular economy by using recycled raw materials for the hybrid shrinkable film.

Additionally, the firm’s Moriyama plant will be converted into a circular factory with zero emissions without any production of plastic waste materials by 2024.

To achieve this, the Japanese plastic film producer will collect its own multi-layered products and set up its separation and recycling technologies. Gunze will also commercialize the products with 100% recyclable raw materials.

The firm will also develop a product shipment system next March and secure third-party certification in June to sell the product with certificates. It will also launch its overseas subsidiaries in the US and Vietnam in June 2023.

Founded in 1896, the company operates three manufacturing facilities in Japan, and subsidiaries in the U.S., Vietnam and China. It employs more than 5,600 people worldwide throughout 10 countries.

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