Eviosys rolls out new metal food can with peelable foil seal

SWITZERLAND – Global packaging provider Eviosys has introduced ‘Ecopeel’, a new metal food can packaging solution featuring a peelable foil seal.

Ecopeel replaces the ring-pull with foil, which is directly sealed onto the body of the can. It is said to reduce carbon by 20% per can due to the lighter material.

Eviosys claimed that the new format’s sealing surface was “created with the inclusion and the reduction of food waste in mind”.

It added that the “45° angle reduces the force necessary for opening and allows for 100% full aperture of the can”. The company said that there were no additional materials around the opening which also benefits ease of use.

Tomas Lopez, CEO at Eviosys said: “At our core, we have a laser-like focus on transforming the packaging sector through innovation to enable a truly circular economy.

“With Ecopeel we can offer our customers this transformed packaging experience; strengthening their sustainability and inclusivity credentials, expediting their internal processes and enhancing their brand visibility.

“With the product already proving revolutionary in the Spanish and Italian fish market, we are now looking forward to enhancing the rollout of the product and expanding the range to other markets within the food industry.”

Ecopeel’s prints and logos can be customized as per the requirements of individual brands and companies.

Currently, the company is also engaging with its long-standing customers, including Jealsa and Friscos, to launch and offer its Ecopeel solution for a wider range of businesses such as those in the olives, pate and pet food industries.

Jealsa CEO Jesus Alsonso added: “It is very important to us to work with partners who are innovators and can offer us more sustainable choices throughout our supply chain – including our packaging.

“Ecopeel sets a new standard for inclusive, accessible, sustainable, and innovative food packaging, and allows consumers to enjoy all of our high-quality products with ease.”

Eviosy innovation comes when there is a rising invention of alternatives to single-use plastics across the world.

Research shows that shoppers are ready for single-use packaging alternatives that will be at the heart of a circular economy for plastics.

The Healthy & Sustainable Living survey asked 24,000 people across 24 countries over the summer of 2021 about the variety of ways they try to minimize waste and environmental impact in the way they shop.

Forty-four percent said they avoided buying products with ‘a lot’ of packaging ‘most’ or ‘all’ of the time, up from 39% when the survey was conducted in 2019.

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