Berry Global unveils 50% recycled content spray through overcap

USA – American packaging company Berry Global has launched a new spray-through overcap, which is made using 50% recycled content.

This recycled plastic stock option has been introduced as part of the company’s Bmore Circular Solutions portfolio, which showcases Berry’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions. The overcap will serve as a solution for the vehicle, homecare and other industrial markets.

Berry Global Product Line Management vice-president Jonathan Reitman said: “As demand for post-consumer resin (PCR) in packaging grows, we continue to prioritize recycled content in our innovation and investment strategies across our product lines.

“The drive toward sustainability is critical in helping our customers meet their goals and for us to meet our own. The spray-through overcap stock option fits 211/65mm necked-in aerosol cans and serves a range of markets, including homecare, automotive, and industrial.

“With its pre-inserted button feature, this spray-through overcap is ready to apply from the factory, offering convenience benefits to Berry customers, and simplifying the end-user experience.”

Berry’s PCR stock caps and closures portfolio currently comes in a wide range of styles and sizes, including seven overcaps designed to support different container types.

The company confirmed that all its PCR stock caps and closures are made using kerbside-collected material.

The recycled plastic that is used for making Bmore portfolio products first undergo an extensive evaluation under the supervision of product development and engineering experts.

This testing process helps ensure that the recycled materials used for making new products have the same functionality and performance as that of its virgin resin counterparts.

Aside from its Bmore portfolio, Berry Global is taking on other initiatives to offer sustainable packaging solutions to its customers.

Under its sustainability strategy, the company aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, boost recyclability and promote the use of recycled contents to achieve its goal to have at least 30% of circular plastics in its range by 2030.

In March this year, the company relaunched the Green Sack range of refuse sacks made with 90% recycled post-consumer plastic waste.

According to Berry, the latest version is easy to use and has improved seals for use in the cleaning, hospitality and facilities management sectors.

The sacks will now be produced in rolls of 25 and packed in a more convenient-to-use dispenser box. This format provides for more accurate stock management and easier transportation and storage.

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