Berry Global rolls out NordiVent FFS film to help clients meet sustainability goals

EUROPE – Berry Global’s European flexible films arm has introduced a new generation of its patented NorDiVent form-fill-seal (FFS) film with up to 50% recycled plastic content for powdered products.

The new film is expected to meet customer and consumer demand for goods with increasing recycled content. It also aligns with Berry’s sustainability strategy for 2025 and its commitment to developing solutions to meet and exceed customers’ sustainability goals.

According to the US-based plastic packaging products maker, the recycled material content has not affected the user benefits of NorDiVent. Its durable and patented design offers consistently reliable performance.

The film, which is completely waterproof and guarantees dust-free air release, provides efficient moisture protection for products that must be kept dry and enables bags to be stored outside.

Berry Global sales director Frank Heseding said: “NorDiVent provides a reliable, long-term dust-free and moisture-free solution for the filling and packing of all types of powdered products, such as chemicals and construction materials.”

In addition, the company unveiled the next generation of its FormiFor insulation compression film that has now more than 30% of post-consumer recycled material.

FormiFor’s latest version, which has secured RecyClass accreditation to confirm the legitimacy of the recycled content, contains up to 30% of Berry’s Sustane premium recycled polymer.

This guarantees that FormiFor will continue to offer its high weld and holding force capabilities as well as its ability to be printed in up to eight colors to boost brand awareness and on-shelf appeal, the packaging products maker added.

Berry Global business development director Neal Geryl said: “In line with our Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, this latest version of FormiFor demonstrates our ability to design for circularity with a film that maintains all its benefits while helping our customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals.”

Last month, Berry Global launched a new spray-through overcap, made using 50% recycled content.

This recycled plastic stock option has been introduced as part of the company’s Bmore Circular Solutions portfolio, showcasing Berry’s commitment to sustainable solutions. The overcap will serve as a solution for the vehicle, homecare and other industrial markets.

Berry Global Product Line Management vice-president Jonathan Reitman said: “As demand for post-consumer resin (PCR) in packaging grows, we continue to prioritize recycled content in our innovation and investment strategies across our product lines.

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