BASF rolls out sustainable bag range in collaboration with baesiq

GERMANY – Ludwigshafen-based chemical company BASF has collaborated with sustainable backpack brand baesiq to launch a new sustainable bag range.

The new two-in-one bag range, called ‘Pendik’, comes under baesiq’s ‘pinqponq’ brand.

The new bag has a significantly reduced CO2 footprint thanks to BASF’s Ultramid® Ccycled®, a mass-balanced polyamide that supports the use of alternative raw materials from chemical recycling of plastic waste.

BASF feeds pyrolysis oil from end-of-life tires at the start of production in Ludwigshafen, replacing 100 percent of the fossil resources otherwise needed for the product.

The proportion of recycled raw material is allocated to Ultramid Ccycled products using a certified mass balance approach.

“With Ultramid Ccycled, we offer our customers a reduced CO2 footprint for their product with the same quality as the conventional counterpart,” said Frank Reil, Head of Marketing and New Business Development & Sustainability Polyamides at BASF.

“With our partner pinqponq, we are actively advancing the topic of circular economy and are also excited about the other bag collections that will be launched in the fall.”

The newly launched Pendik bags can be used as a two-in-one bag, with the help of its bike rack function. It will be on sale under the pinqponq brand from June to August this year.

The fabric of the bag has a matte look and a soft cotton-like feel. It is claimed to have the same benefits and performance as that of traditionally manufactured polyamide.

Product manager for baesiq Holger Fabianski added: “We are pleased to add the new highly functional product to our portfolio and, thanks to the cooperation with BASF, to be the first brand ever to produce functional bike bags from the sustainable polyamide.

“Our bike bags are a symbol of our vision to combine innovation and responsibility to create a sustainable future together.”

In its quest to promote sustainability, BASF recently partnered with Avient to introduce colored grades of Ultrason® high-performance polymers to the global market.

The collaboration combines BASF’s Ultrason® polyarylethersulfones (PAES) as the base polymer with Avient’s Colorant Chromatics™ expertise in high-temperature color formulations.

This collaboration will provide comprehensive technical support and enable customers in various industries to meet design trends, technical requirements, and color standards more efficiently.

The colored Ultrason® polymers also promote a sustainable lifestyle by facilitating the creation of reusable and visually appealing household and catering articles.

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