Avery Dennison opts for concentrated solar platform to power its Turnhout plant

BELGIUM – Multinational packaging and materials manufacturer Avery Dennison has commissioned a Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) platform and thermal storage unit at its production plant in Turnhout, Belgium.

The CST has 2,240 surface mirrors, with a solar field peak yield of 2.7 GWh thermal power, alongside six thermal storage modules with a capacity of 5 MWh thermal power.

The platform covers roughly 5,540 square meters on site. It will reportedly contain the largest installation of parabolic mirrors combined with thermal energy storage in an industrial setting in Europe.

In operation, the total installation will provide heat equivalent to 2.3 GWh of gas consumption, reducing the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 9% annually – compared to current rates.

During summer months and high-sunshine periods, it will provide up to 100% of the factory’s heat demand.

By supplying zero-carbon solar energy, the project will help provide heat to run drying ovens, which are used during the coating process of pressure-sensitive adhesive products manufactured at the site.

These products are used in industries such as automotive, building and construction, medical devices, and personal care.

For this project, Avery Dennison collaborated with CST organization Azteq, thermal energy storage provider EnergyNest, and local community group Campina Energie, which helped secure a portion of the project financing.

Avery Dennison performance tapes Europe general manager Mariana Rodriguez commented: “We have big ambitions to tackle climate change and achieve net zero by 2050. To meet these goals we will look across our industrial processes and identify opportunities to implement new technologies that decarbonize and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.”

Christian Thiel, CEO of ENERGYNEST, added: “Companies across industries are considering how to best reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and decarbonize high-emitting activities, like heat production while continuing to provide affordable, reliable goods and services to consumers.

“We will help solve these issues by reducing energy costs, helping the scale-out of reliable renewable energy like CST, and decarbonizing heat production.”

Financing for the project was secured through the Belgian cooperative Campina Energie, the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, and the Flemish Government via the Green Heat program.

Jef Van Eyck, chairman of energy cooperation Campina Energie, added: “These kinds of projects, implemented with different partners, help the Kempen region towards its goal to become climate-neutral, reduce reliance on expensive, imported energy, and strengthen our economy.”

Avery Dennison recently announced plans to showcase AD LinrSave™ and AD LinrConvert™ – the first generation of decorative linerless solutions enabled by patented micro-perforation technology at Labelexpo, Brussels 11-14 September.

Avery says that these linearless solutions will greatly reduce label waste, decrease CO2 and water footprint whilst ensuring the functionality and shelf appeal of pressure-sensitive labels.

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