Aptar partners Nutrioli to develop oil dispensing solution

MEXICO – Aptar Food + Beverage, a subsidiary of consumer packaging company Aptar, has partnered with Mexican edible oil brand Nutrioli to develop a dispensing solution.

The new dispensing solution aims to make oil dispensing spill-proof, enabling a more hygienic and clean experience with a crisp cut-off of oil flow as consumers stop squeezing the bottle.

Not only does the new solution improve convenience and hygiene, but it also adds a safety element and helps reduce food waste.

As part of the partnership, Nutrioli will implement Aptar’s Tapered 33-100 with the SimpliSqueeze flow control valve on some of its product offerings, reports packaging-gateway.

Tapered is a lightweight solution suitable for inverted packaging that has cleared all tests required by the ISTA-6 protocol.

Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze valve is made using Swimming Silicone, a material that separates the valve from the closure in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling streams.

During the recycling process, the valve will float in the tank, allowing the remaining packaging to be recycled.

The valve is suitable for various applications and designed to offer high-quality, repeatable performance with every dispense.

Aptar’s solution aims to provide spill-proof oil dispensing and a more hygienic and clean experience for the customer.

In addition to improving convenience and hygiene, the new Nutrioli packaging is intended to increase product safety and reduce food waste.

The partnership makes Nutrioli the first brand in Mexico to use Aptar’s solutions.

Aptar said that the new packaging solutions will improve consumer experience and provide safety, health and wellness, convenience and recyclability benefits.

Aptar Food + Beverage develops a range of packaging solutions, including dispensing closures, pouch spouts, spray pumps and valves.

The company aims to ‘reshape market categories and change consumer habits’ while helping brands achieve their environmental goals.

In April this year, Aptar Food + Beverage and Chacauhaa Brazil collaborated with Chacauhaa’s owner, Clarissa Bajon, to develop inverted packaging.

The packaging solution was developed for Chacauhaa’s Mel de Cacau honey, a honey product derived from cocoa harvested in northeast Brazil.

The inverted closure features Aptar’s Lock-Back Partial Lid solution with a SimpliSqueeze flow control valve.

This has been implemented in place of Mel de Cacau honey’s previous glass container, which used a metal lug cap.

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