Algerian firm Général Emballage opts for Lafarge’s expertise to recycle its waste

ALGERIA – Algerian paper company specializing in the manufacture and conversion of corrugated cardboard, Général Emballage has entrusted the management of its corrugated cardboard waste to Lafarge Algeria.

Under the agreement, Lafarge, which specializes in the production of cement and ready-mixed concrete, will recycle the waste from the manufacturing process of “Kraft” paper bags of Général Emballage.

This is a very resistant type of paper used for the manufacture of biodegradable bags.

Ramdane Batouche, President of Général Emballage said: “The recycling of one tonne of cardboard will avoid the consumption of 2.5 tonnes of wood, 50 m3 of water and 13 MWh of energy, as well as the emission of 2.5 tonnes of CO2.”

The waste from Général Emballage’s facilities will be converted into new packaging for industrial use, notably at the “Lafarge sacs” unit, located in the wilaya of Bordj Arreridj, a province in northern Algeria, about 20 km from the capital Algiers.

“The waste recovery industry is today a major challenge for the development of efficient production capacities and to support the ecological transition of the Algerian economy,” says the Holcim Group in Algeria.

In addition to the preservation of the resource, this approach of General Emballage and Lafarge contributes to the development of the circular economy.

Recycling industrial waste has become Lafarge’s niche in Algeria. Since February 2022, the company has been recovering (into electricity) the waste from Tosyali Algeria, collected in its plant located in Bethioua, in the municipality of Oran.

In September, Algerian authorities announced the commencement of Oggaz’s polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics recycling project, dubbed ‘El Kader Plast.’

According to El Watan newspaper, ‘El Kader Plast,’ is said to be ‘the largest recycling plant for polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics in Algeria.’

The project is expected to reduce environmental pollution and help the country to catch up with its remarkable backlog in plastic recycling, which remains below 10%, reports El Watan newspaper.

According to the same media, the plant is equipped with a complete line, with a daily capacity of 40 tonnes (or 2000 kg/hour).

This rate will allow the recycling of waste from polypropylene plastic (PP) and plastics into high-density polyethylene (HDPE) per day (or 2 000 kg/hour).

With collaborations and partnerships coupled with government-sponsored projects, the recycling rate of the North African country will increase significantly.

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