Epson boosts its sustainability drive with launch of new range of low-power business printers

SOUTH AFRICA – Printing equipment manufacturer Epson has launched a new range of energy-efficient, heat-free inkjet printers for business use.

The company says the new range of printers can print from 40 to 60 pages per minute and use up to 83% less power than comparable laser printers.

Epson adds that its production factories will transition to using only renewable energy during the year.

Epson Southern Africa country manager Timothy Thomas said: We are committed to adopting 100% renewables by the end of 2023, with one of the key factors being that we own all the factories and environments that produce the finished Epson products.

“Further, by 2030, we will have reduced greenhouse-gas emissions in line with the 1.5 °C warming scenario and, by 2050, we will be carbon-negative and produce underground resource-free products.”

The company had its group environmental targets verified with various international organizations, including the private sector climate action organization the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), notes Thomas.

The firm relies on other manufacturers for some components but has a vested interest in their sustainability. It, therefore, conducts supplier evaluations and audits and has a code of conduct for suppliers of parts that contribute to the finished products, he adds.

Meanwhile, the AM-C range of printers has no fuse units to preheat and then fuse the ink to the page, which were the most energy-intensive parts of laser printing.

This also meant that there was no warm-up time with the new printers, said Epson South Africa office automation sales manager Yudheer Harbhajun.

“By reducing energy intensity by up to 83%, the AM-C series can run off a normal office 2 kVA uninterruptible power supply for four hours,” noted Harbhajun.

“Its low energy consumption also helps to reduce the required size of renewable energy systems for offices transitioning to renewables.”

Additionally, Epson has designed the new AM-C range to be modular, and customers can buy additional options once they need them, such as finishing, stacking and binding modules, among others, he said.

Elsewhere, Epson America recently announced two additions to its collection of A4 business printers, the WorkForce® Pro WF-C5890 color MFP and the WorkForce Pro WF-C5390 color printer.

The WF-C5890 and WF-C5390 are ideal options for busy work environments and are designed to tackle the pain points of troubleshooting and frequently replacing ink and paper.

Engineered to minimize interventions, the WF-C5890 and WF-C5390 are built with Replaceable Ink Pack Systems, allowing businesses to print up to 5,000 ISO pages with replacement ink packs and save up to 25 percent on replacement ink vs. color laser toner.

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