Sirane introduces ‘world first’ ovenable packaging printed with water-based inks

UK – Leading packaging development-to-manufacturing company Sirane has introduced what it claims to be the ‘world first’ ovenable films and pouches printed with sustainable water-based inks.

Said to be compliant with EU and FDA packaging regulations, the materials have been printed and laminated with water-based inks and adhesives and have reportedly been tested by Smithers for ovenable food safety performance at up to 220°C (430°F).

The packaging is decorated using Sirane’s Amethyst print technology, which results in high print definition, enhanced image clarity, and greater densities with no plate costs, according to the company.

The company says that the packaging utilizes a water-based ink system – thought to greatly reduces the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted during production.

In addition, the water-based adhesives are apparently free of substances that can cause the release of aromatic amines in solvent-based alternatives, reducing exposure to carcinogens.

Eco-credentials can be boosted further by using materials containing post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, all materials with 30% or more PCR content are exempt from the plastic tax (UK).

These ovenable materials printed with water-based inks are available in reel form, as flat bags/pouches or as stand-up pouches.

The films can be used for safe higher temperature cooking of most food types including fish, meat, poultry and vegetables.

Peter Ralten, commercial and business development director at Sirane said: “Consumer demand for ovenable convenience is growing rapidly and it is essential food cooked in plastic packaging, a very popular way of cooking, is safe. It is great that we have been able the reduce the environmental impact of these products.

“We believe this is a world first as a laminate, printed with water-based inks and using water-based adhesives, which has been approved for oven use.”

As food safety has become the main focus for many brands and consumers alike, many ovenable films make sure that food can go from the store to the dinner table without being unpackaged.

These films can be designed to vent steam so that you do not need to poke holes in the material before putting it into the oven.

They also make for much faster cooking times and allow for the food products to better retain moisture as they cook inside of the package.

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