German firm revalyu to build US$50M PET recycling plant in Georgia

US – German recycling company revalyu Resources has revealed plans to build a US$50 million recycling facility in Georgia, US.

The company says that the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling facility will be located in Statesboro and cover 43 acres.

When the first phase of construction is completed, the plant will be able to process more than 225,000 pounds per day of polyethylene terephthalate, or polyester, into PET polymers and recycled PET (rPET) flakes.

A further expansion of the plant will bring its capacity to 450,000 pounds, revalyu says. It will employ approximately 70 people at the site.

The company says it has used a “breakthrough” chemical recycling technology known as glycolysis to recycle more than 6 billion bottles already.

The recycling process, which the company describes as cost-effective, extracts impurities and delivers high-quality rPET.

revalyu founder Dr. Vivek Tandon said: “The recycling process is unique and delivers the world’s cleanest, highest quality and most sustainable polyester products to our customers.

“We have commercialized a breakthrough and environmentally sustainable technology and revalyu will become the leading global brand for recycling polyester.

“We continue to seek strong partners globally who wish to work with us on the global rollout of this technology.”

The process uses 91 percent less energy and 67 percent less water than conventional recycling methods, notes revalyu.

“We thank all our US customers, partners and the Statesboro community for their support, trust and confidence in us,” added Jan van Kisfeld, managing director of Revalyu.

“Expanding our operations to the U.S. is an important milestone for our global expansion strategy. It brings us closer to our target of recycling more than 2 million pounds of used PET bottles per day by 2026 and contributes to solving the plastic waste problem.”

Meanwhile, the firm has a glycolysis recycling plant in Nashik, India, where it employs more than 300 people.

At its Nashik facility, revalyu converts used PET bottles into sustainable monomers, filtered to remove impurities, and repolymerized.

The company says it sells rPET pellets and filament yarns to more than 60 customers in more than 15 countries.

The firm further adds that its rPET has been shown to be equivalent to virgin PET in quality and can be used as a direct replacement.

Its rPET flakes are primarily used in the textile industry for applications such as seamless knitting, weaving, denim, automotive, furniture or technical textiles.

revalyu also announced plans to expand its operations in India through its subsidiary Revalyu Recycling (Indi“/a) Ltd.

Construction has already begun this month on the 200-metric-ton-per-day plant. The new plant also will be in Nashik and is expected to be operational within 12 months, the company says.

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