JBM Packaging unveils plastic-free paper packaging line

US – Flexible packaging manufacturer JBM Packaging has launched EcoView, a plastic-free, windowed paper package line.

The EcoView line features Fiberfilm, the company’s proprietary biodegradable film made from PEFC-certified wood and cotton-seed fiber.

Fiberfilm has been approved by TÜV as meeting environmental regulatory standards and has also achieved home composting certification.

It is biodegradable in natural, freshwater environments and can be recycled in kerbside recycling collections.

All EcoView packages can be designed with papers featuring different percentages of recycled content.

EcoView is available in three different sizes of windows, namely, sneak peek, partial view and full display.

Each size is designed to offer varying degrees of clear, protected product views and provide additional space for branding and messaging.

To help brands meet their sustainability goals, all EcoView packages can be designed with papers featuring different percentages of recycled content.

The new packaging line also enables other customization options such as different papers, types of closures and hanging holes.

Claimed to be a result of customer-driven innovation, it is intended to serve as a sustainable alternative to poly film packages made from non-renewable resources.

JBM Packaging sales and marketing vice president David Warren said: “People want to enjoy natural environments without seeing plastic waste littered alongside hiking trails and waterways.

“Our EcoView packaging line evolved from customers looking for kerbside recyclable packaging solutions that showcased their product and eliminated plastic.

“EcoView delivers optimal packaging performance without the environmental impact.”

Based in Ohio, JBM Packaging offers sustainable, flexible packaging solutions for health and beauty, apparel, agriculture, home goods, food, office and medical applications among others.

The company walks alongside customers on their path to plastic-free packaging, starting with a discovery phase where they set goals and explore every possibility for a new plastic-free package.

JBM works closely with each customer to bring their vision to life by exploring different options for materials and features.

In addition, the company provides printing, folding, cutting and adhesive application services, as well as support in other packaging processes.

In September 2021, it opened a production facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, to expand its packaging production capabilities and offer new contract packaging services.

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