Oerlemans Packaging snaps up Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker to expand flexible packaging range

NETHERLANDS – Oerlemans Packaging Group has acquired Papierindustrie Adriaan Dekker to expand its flexible packaging portfolio.

Oerlemans expects to move activities from Wormer to Rijssen, the home of group member Stempher Packaging Industry.

The move will allow Oerlemans Packaging Group to expand beyond its current industrial and retail flexible packaging portfolio and further into the paper packaging market.

Stempher Packaging Industry manufactures both polyethylene and paper packaging in accordance with the needs of specific customers.

With production at Adriaan Dekker expected to stop on 31 March 2023, until which point Adriaan Dekker will remain active under its original name, the transfer is planned to be effective from May next year.

Joan Hanegraaf, CEO of Oerlemans Packaging Group said: “We are looking forward to the acquisition of the packaging program. This will allow us to serve our customers even better with a wider range of packaging solutions.

“With Stempher’s paper branch alone, the packaging program would bring reinforcement, both in terms of applications and in customized solutions for our clients.

“Obviously, this is an opportunity to apply our sustainable vision on the packaging; also, to the new portfolio of paper packaging, which we hope to offer soon.”

Vincent and Vanessa Tol, owners of Adriaan Dekke commented: “After the acquisition of Adriaan Dekker in 2004, a lot has changed in the company.

“Seizing opportunities in market developments in which the position of paper has taken an increasingly key role has brought the Adriaan Dekker company to where we are today.

Adriaan Dekke has made various investments in machinery, such as an 8-color ultra-modern printing machine from Uteco, in addition to professionalization and automation at all levels, notes the owners.

“We are therefore proud of the activities we have built up and have confidence in the future of Adriaan Dekker when our activities will be continued by Oerlemans Packaging Group after the completion of the transaction,” added Vincent and Vanessa.

The transaction is expected to be finalized once the transaction conditions have been met.

Meanwhile, Oerlemans Packaging recently opened the Oerlemans Plastics’ new building located at De Rietdijk industrial park.

The new addition adds 8,800m2 of production and office facilities to this packaging manufacturer’s current plant.

The addition means that the company can keep meeting the market’s expected rising demand for sustainable, high-quality flexible plastic films and packaging.

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